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Vibration Speaker- VIBE-360

Vibration Speaker- VIBE-360

Product Code: VIBE-360
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VIBE-360 Vibration Speaker Brand New Model with FM radio

40% more power and twice the battery life  5W

TURN ANY SURFACE INTO A SPEAKER! Glass, Walls, Table, Car etc- 
Omni-Directional Vibration Speaker with MicroSD Slot and FM Radio

With mini and portable design, you can carry it anywhere you want;
even you are traveling around the world! It’s playing the music from Micro SD card, PC,
laptop, cell phone, MP3 player etc, also a perfect replacement to your flat sounding computer speakers.
Works great in a dorm room because it doesn't take much space, but the sound is great. What a great unique gift it is!

The whole VIBE-360 Vibration Speaker range will work with most portable audio devices,
from mobile phones, IPADs, Androids, tablets, Ipods, MP3 /MP4 players portable CD and DVD players
to computers and laptops. NOW there is one speaker that plays them all.

Forget about the cheap plastic imitators,
our VIBE 360 Vibration speaker is a solid metal unit and therefore a great bass response.

VIBE-360 mini vibrating speaker with FM RADIO

>> Any flat rigid solid surfaces such as board, table, cupboard, glass. 
>> Different surfaces will create different sound quality.
>> Less attenuation in the long distance
>> Non directional 360 degree sound
>> Little input Large output
>> Tiny size but solid metal casing.New concept, high-tech innovation in the speaker market

Product Specifications

>> Portable vibration speaker system turns everyday objects into speakers
>> Stick it to boxes, containers, furniture, and more
>> Vibroy's mini module can turn just about anything into a speaker
>> Small, compact size lets you slip it in a pocket and take it anywhere
>> Magic sticker on Vibroy easily sticks to any surface.
>> Compatible with any device that uses a 3.5mm headphone jack
>> Use with iPhones, iPads, iPods, MP3 players, GPS systems, computers, portable gaming systems
>> Output Power: 5W
>> Input DC voltage: DC 5.0V
>> Li-ion battery inside: 3.7V 600mAh
>> Rechargeable from USB power
>> Play up to 6 hours 

Package Content:

1 x Vibration Speaker (TF card is not included)

1 x Mini USB to USB Cable with 3.5mm Audio Cable

1 x Remote control

1 x FREE Suction Cup

1 x English User Manual

What a great GIFT!!