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Kitchen Dicer and Slicer

Kitchen Dicer and Slicer

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This tool set is your best kitchen helper, in which it shortens the cooking time from the start of preparation to the serving of the meal tremendously.
Food must be cut into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths - the costs not only time but you need countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.)
that can not always at hand and plenty of storage space in the kitchen to complete. This kitchen tool set solves all the above problems -
you have everything in one handy set! Simplest and space saving as it gets!

Chop onions with no smell on the hands and no tears in
the eyes and with the Duel Blade Technology
you can chop large, small or even mini small.

Components include:

1 cutting-top with integrated pin grid
1 cutting-base
1 transparent collector( capacity 1500ml)
Cover for holdig a fresh collection containor
A blade assembly(6mmx6mm or 12mm x12mm)
A blade assembly(6mm x 36mm or 18 x 18mm)
1 knife used for quarters or eighths
1 plug-cutting punch for eighth
1 part-cover for all blade inserts
1 professional peeler




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