Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting You are reading this privacy policy stating how all the details and resources have been gathered on this business website. Please take time to read and understand the site’s privacy policy prior to committing your time and money into the system or providing your personal information on the website. Be informed that by using the site and acquiring our products, you agreed and accepted all the essential information stated on this policy and therefore dealt with it

This website is owned and operated by the Joymaker, Joymaker and will be referred to as "we", "our" and "us" in this Internet Privacy Policy. This policy can be updated at any certain time if there are modifications or removals needed. Values Your Confidentiality

We know how sensitive it is to share your personal identification including your email, credit card, transaction status and login details. Therefore is ensuring that your privacy is highly confidential and never been shared to anyone. This privacy policy has been created to keep you updated with the essential information that the website is requiring from you as well as declaring the purpose. If you think there are changes needed for this confidentiality agreement, feel free to email us at Protects Your Online Security

As managed full protection on user’s online security, all sensitive information is directly encrypted via order processing system. We will not obtain any particular identifiable information from you unless you authorized the website to do so. Rest assured that your details as earlier mentioned on this policy are being collected by none other than

We also need to confirm the IP address of each visitor as assigned on their designated computers while browsing the site. Your exact date of visit to is logged on the system; nevertheless, are being stored anonymously except you allow us to access your information. We also track the number of our visitors in order to distinguish of which features and products hooked their interest more and thus come up with the best product that meet their needs.

We guarantee accurate encryption whenever you transact and make payments with our website and ensure that there are no unauthorized dealings made. This website is being managed with complete registration from the identification authorities that is being verified with your browser. Through the site security features, sensitive information, online orders, credit card payments and behind the scenes transactions are 100% confidential.

Email Newsletter And Subscription

You reserve the right to subscribe and unsubscribe on our email newsletter, marketing emails and announcements that you are receiving from us. We provide you with the option to subscribe or remove your subscription on our database and therefore you will not receive daily newsletter from us again. If you choose to subscribe and be included on our mailing list, you will receive regular updates from us including the latest products, discounts, promotional events, contests, package deals and many other relevant resources related to our product and services.

Do not hesitate to email us at in case the unsubscribe or subscribe option won’t work for you

Service Providers

We are using our company’s complete shipping address discharge orders and accept payments to our products. The website is keeping your right of sharing personally identifiable information privately and never used it for any other purposes.

Accessing Personal Account

With the website, you can create your personal account where you are required to provide your personally identifiable information. This enables you to track your orders, purchased products, watch list, wish list and the likes. Those details are kept privately and only the account holder can access it. If you wish to modify or want to deactivate your account, feel free to get in touch with our customer support email at In this regard, once your account has been deactivated, you can no longer access and use it. For as long as your account is active, we will keep hold of your account as agreed on this policy and terms of uses.

How Uses The Collected Personal Information?

The site is requiring your personal information to keep you updated about the products and further announcements we have that might be of interest to you. By allowing us to know your interest with the given information, our team, associates and agents can be able to determine your exact needs and request. Rest assured that our partners will not share these sensitive details from other parties. All collected personal information may also be used for surveying and market research.

We Collect Information That Includes The Following;

  • Contact Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone or Mobile Number
  • Credit Card information that is being processed by PayPal’s secure system and the complete CC number is not being shared with us.
  • Some details might also be needed to further assist the needs and request of our customers.

How Your Identifiable Information Can Be Shared?

  1. If we have your authorization or consent.
  2. If you have concerns or requests that needs the utmost response of our partners especially if it will benefit our customers.
  3. If it is required by the law, valid legal process or court orders.
  4. We might share your identifiable information to the authorities if you have engaged with fraudulent activities.
  5. Your information can be shared to other companies who work as our partners in processing your orders and payments.
  6. We might share your information to an appropriate officer if your communication and purpose may harm others.

Cookies And Computer Tracking website was built to trace non-personally identifiable information as to identify the user’s activities, interest and transactions being made on the site. The collected information will be reviewed by the site’s backend associates and therefore use it to identify the most selected preferences, categories, products and offers generated by the users. This would also help enhance the functions and navigation of the website.

A cookie is basically a tool that requires permission to be located on your computer. If you accept cookies and a certain file are added, it automatically evaluates web traffic and enables you to distinguish the site that you have recently visited. This is a helpful application that will act on your behalf to associate your likes and dislikes by remembering your prior preferences. These are logged cookies that recognize the pages that have been used.

Finally, cookies provides huge help to let the website function properly and to serve the users better while navigating the site. Nonetheless, all information stored on your computer was not shared with us. For instance, you reserve the right to accept or decline cookies by setting up your browser info.

Third Party Tracking

We implement third party tracking to trace non-personally identifiable information of every visitor on the website in comprehensive means. This tracking method will help the site to enhance the content on every page on the website and therefore notify us on what specific page is highly effective. We may also allow third party tracking of our advertisers that enables them to distinguish the most relevant content and products to serve the clients better. Then again, all users information collects to this third party tracker are extremely anonymous to protect our user’s privacy.

We also monitor emails from our email marketing operation by determining which messages are being opened by our receivers. As a result, we can differentiate the most effective approach and therefore improve more of our products.

Privacy Policy Modifications, New Conditions And Notifications

We might decide to update this privacy policy with new conditions and notice. Rest assured that we will let our users know about the changes in order to keep them well-informed with every action being accomplished by us; our partners, associates and advertisers.